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CCSPA is committed to providing the highest quality of continuing education programming. Should you have a complaint regarding any educational offering of CCSPA, please complete the CCSPA Education Complaint Form.

Include in the Form:
The course name of the CCSPA Educational Offering. Identify, if applicable, each of the APA CEU Approved Provider requirement(s) that you believe CCSPA violated, or provide a detailed description of your complaint or concern. Your description should detail the way in which the education failed to meet your expectations. Provide your name, e-mail address, and phone number.

What to Include in the Description of the Complaint:
Facts and evidence to be provided in your statement of complaint may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. How and when you observed/discovered the alleged violation
  2. Descriptions and dates of actions taken, if any, to try to rectify the situation prior to submitting this complaint
  3. Descriptions and dates of any communications with CCSPA regarding your concerns and any responses received.

Complaint Process:
Complaints and concerns about education offered through CCSPA will be addressed in the following manner. The complainant should inform CCSPA of the complaint or concern by completing and submitting the web form (below).

Complaints will be brought by the Education Chair to the CCSPA Advisory Board at the meeting that occurs next after the complaint is received. The advisory board will discuss the complaint, and if the complaint cannot be considered thoroughly in the time allotted in one meeting, the complaint may be discussed in the next board meeting, but must be resolved within eight weeks of being presented to the board and a response will be generated and sent to the complainant.

If the complainant has not identified themselves, the response will be noted in the minutes of the last CCSPA meeting in which it was discussed.

When appropriate, CCSPA will notify the APA's Office of Continuing Education Sponsor Approval (CESA) in writing of the nature of the complaint or concern.

For general questions about the complaint filing process, please contact
To submit a complaint, click here Education Complaint Form